MIOLA Maria Panagia

Associate Member of the Commissio Leonina (since June 2023)

Employee of the Vatican Apostolic Library in the Prefecture: secretariat and administration

Civil name: Rachel Lynne MIOLA
Born June 29, 1982 in Bethlehem PA, USA


Via della Stazione di S. Pietro, 6
00165 Roma, Italia

email: m.miola@vatlib.it


Classical Philology; Latin and Greek Palæography; Greek Patristics; Thomistic Studies; Eastern Liturgy and Theology.


Secondary School

— Dulaney High School, Baltimore, USA  (1996-2000), specializations: Latin; French

University/Higher Studies

— Pontificio Istituto Orientale, Rome, Italy (2016 ­– 2022)
— Scuola Vaticana di Paleografia, Vatican City
— Latin Palæography, Diplomatic and Archival Sciences (2014-16)
— Greek Palæography (2014-15)
— University of Athens, Greece  (2010-11)
— San Bruno Centro di Alti Studi, Segni, Italy (2008-10)
— Université de Paris X, Nanterre, France  (2002-3)
— University of Chicago, Chicago, USA  (2000-2; 2003-4)


— Doctorate in Patristics (30/30, summa cum laude), Pontifical Oriental Institute, defended June 2022, under the direction of Sever J. Voicu as first Advisor
— Licentiate in Patristic Theology, (30/30, summa cum laude), Pontifical Oriental Institute, June 2017, under the direction of p. Edward Farrugia, S.J.
— Diploma in Latin Palæography, Archival Studies and Pontifical Diplomatic Studies, Scuola Vaticana (30/30), June 2016
— Diploma in Greek Palæography, Scuola Vaticana (30/30 cum laude), October 2015
— Ellenomathys, certificate of proficiency in Modern Greek, University of Athens (cum laude), June 2011
— Religious Sciences (Philosophy, Theology and Biblical Studies), Centro S. Bruno, (29.8/30), June 2010
— Bachelor of Classical Philology and Literature (Latin and Greek), The University of Chicago (honored with Dean’s List of excellence), June 2004

Supplementary Studies

— German Classes, Österreich Institut: 2016-7; Goethe Institute, Rome: 2017-2018
— Modern Greek Classes, Apostoliki Diakonia of Athens: 2014-16
— Intensive German course, Alemania Deutschscule, Bern: 2015
— Intensive Latin course according to the “Ørberg” method, Montefiascone: 2014
— Intensive Latin course with Prof. Reginald Foster (6-8 hours daily speaking, hearing, reading, and writing Latin) Rome: 1999, 2002, 2004-5
— Intensive course on French language and culture, Montpellier, France: 1998


— Scholarship, “Study Aid”, Congregation of Oriental Rites for studies at the University of Athens, 2012
— Scholarship, “Doctoral Fellowship”, University of Notre Dame, 5-years grant for Doctoral Studies, (offer deferred by candidate) 2005
— Scholarship, “Univ. of Chicago Study Grant”, (used for study in Paris) 2003
— Scholarship “Jeffrey and Alicia Rasley Research Travel Grant” for studies in Humanities, (used to study Latin with Reginald Foster in Rome) 2002
— Award, “Summa cum laude” (perfect score), National Latin Exam, USA 2000


— “Prochoros Kydones’s selective translation of Thomas Aquinas’s III Pars or the Summa Theologia and its textual transmission”, Translation Activity in Late Byzantine World: Contexts, Authors, and Texts. Byzantinisches Archiv – Series Philosophica, vol. 4. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2022, pp. 311-327.
— “Basil of Seleucia’s unedited Homilia in Iob (CPG 6667) and its Depiction of the Voice”, Studia Patristica CXXIX: Papers presented at the Eighteenth International Conference on Patristic Studies held in Oxford 2019, vol. 26, From the Fifth Century Onwards (Greek Writers). Leuven: Peeters, 2021, pp. 3-8.
— “Μια έγκαιρη απάντηση σε μια άκαιρη ερώτηση.” Thomas Latinus – Thomas Graecus: Thomas Aquinas and his Reception in Byzantium. Proceedings of a Conference Held at the National Library of Greece, Books Tower, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Athens, 15–16 December 2017. Athens: Artos Zois, 2021, pp. 54-75.
— “Basil of Seleucia’s In Ioseph (CPG 6656.8) and its dependence on the ps.-Chrysostomic homily, De Ioseph et de castitate (CPG 4566)”, Bollettino della Badia Greca di Grottaferrata, III s., 14 (2019), pp. 169-192.
— “Prochoros Cydones and the reception of Thomas Aquinas in Byzantium”, Raccolta di Saggi in Onore di Marco Arosio, vol. 5, Ricerche di storia della filosofia e teologia medioevali 10. Rome: Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum, 2019, pp. 147-194.

Pending Publications

— “Basil of Seleucia: the author of the Acathistus?”, Vatican Library Review. Brill, December 2023.
— Prochoros Cydones’ translation of Aquinas’ De Aeternitate Mundi (critical edition according to Vat. gr. 1102, with commentary and comparison to the Latin text); Corpus Christianorum Series Graeca, subseries Thomas de Aquino Byzantinus, vol. IV, Opuscula apologetica et polemica. See : https://www.corpuschristianorum.org/thomas-de-aquino-byzantinus.

Editorial Work

Revision of Latin and Greek texts for the Opera omnia of Cornelio Fabro (2008 – present) :

— C. Fabro, Metaphysica. Corso di Metafisica. Ed. IVE, 2022.
— C. Fabro, Principii causalitatis necessitas objectiva ostenditur et defenditur secundum Philosophiam Scolasticam ab impugnationibus Humii (Università lateranense). Quaderni Fabriani, vol. 3. Ed. IVE, 2011.

Bachelor’s Thesis

Hrabanus Maurus and the Commentarium in Genesim: their Place in the Carolingian Renovatio. With critical edition and translation of Commentarium in Gen. 29 (approved by the Department of Classics, University of Chicago, April 2004; published in IVE Review, January 2008).

Book Reviews

“Théodoret de Cyr, La Trinité et l’Incarnation, Sources Chrétiennes 574-575, ed. Jean-Noël Guinot, Paris 2015”, Orientalia Christiana Periodica, 2016-7.


— “Scholarly narratives”, texts on the holdings of the Vatican Library for the Mellon Project (Italian to English; 2018-19).
— Bulletin, “OWL” for the Vatican Library (Italian to English; 2018 – present).
— Exhibition materials for “Bibliotheca Sixtina Litterarum Cultoribus Restituta”, Inauguration of the Sistine Hall at the Vatican Library (Italian to English; 2018).
— Los nuevos abrazos de S. Pedro, P. Carlos Miguel Buela (Spanish to English; 2009).
— Sainte Jeanne d’Arc, a play by S. Thérèse of Lisieux (French to English; 2007).


— Employee of the Vatican Apostolic Library in the Prefecture: secretariat and administration (July 2022 – present)
— Member of the Vatican Apostolic Library, Dept. of Manuscripts: cataloguing, preparation for digitalization of Greek and Latin manuscripts, and bibliographical updating of secondary resources (September 2019 – July 2022)
— Professor at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Patristic Theology and Liturgy (July 2022 – present)
— Assistant to the Dept. of International Advancement at the BAV: translations of materials and for grants and projects (2017 ­– 2022)
— Contributing book reviewer for Orientalia Christiana Periodica (2017 – 2019)
— Translator and reviser of scholarly texts at the Pontifical University of the Urbaniana & Oriental Institute (2016 – present)
— Archivist for the Cultural Project, Cornelio Fabro (2009-12; 2015 ­– 2016)
— Dramaturge of medieval work, Ordo Virtutum, da S. Hildegaard da Bingen (Segni 2009)
— Editorial assistant for Classical Philology, (University of Chicago 2001-02, 2003-04)
— Contributing journalist to The Criterion, (University of Chicago 2002, 2004)
— Assistant in a legal firm for immigration: translations of documents from French to English (Baltimore 2004)


— Member of the Comitato Vaticano di Studi Bizantini (Aug. 2023 – present)
— Editorial member of Orientalia Christiana Periodica (July 2022 – present)
— Editorial member of Thomas de Aquino Byzantinus (May 2018 – present)


As an invited speaker

— “Prochoros Cydones’ selective translation of the Summa Theologiae, III Pars”,  Translation Activity in Late Byzantium, U. of Ca’ Foscari, Venice (June 2018)
— “Thomas made Greek for the Greeks: Some Observations Regarding Prochoros Kydones’ translations”, Symposium Thomisticum, International Society of Thomas Aquinas, Athens (June 2018)
— Thomas Latinus -Thomas Graecus. Thomas Aquinas and his Reception in Byzantium”, National Library, Athens (December 2017)
— “Occidentale Lumen: S. Tommaso in Bisanzio”, Montefiascone, Italy (March 2017)
— “Pulchritudo Niliaca: Caratteristiche dell’Arte Copta”, Tuscania, Italy (April 2015)
— “Vocation in Shakespeare”, Loyola College, MD (February 2008)

As a participating panelist

— “Basil of Seleucia’s unedited homily on the book of Job”, International Conference on Patristic Studies (Oxford 2019)

VII. TEACHING EXPERIENCE (outside the university PIO)

— Docent of Classical Greek for St. John the Theologian School, IVE, Tinos (Greece, August 2022, August 2023)
— Tutor in Latin and Classical Greek at the high school level (Italy 2013-14)
— Docent of Latin at Centro di Alti Studi San Bruno, propedeutical course (Athens 2010-11; Italy 2004-05, 2008-10)
— Docent of Religion (Ελληνογαλλική σχολή Ουρσουλινών (Athens 2010-12)
— Docent of Greek koiné (Centro di Alti Studi San Bruno, Segni; 2008-10)
— Docent of Greco-Roman History (Centro di Alti Studi San Bruno, Segni 2007-2009)
— Docent of English, Italian, Latin language, and literature for the Institute Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará (Segni 2005-9)